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Tips for creating your About us page:

The About Us page shows who you are, as group or a company, are and what you want your readers to think of you. The About Us page is important because it is depending on this page that your readers feel like reading ahead and visiting your pages again. Here are some guidelines that will help you create a better About Us page.

Friendly tone

Welcome your readers with a warm and friendly tone. This makes them to read ahead and a good feel never hurts.


Give your name and address in full. This makes your readers think of you as a credible person and gives them confidence to continue using your website and do purchases if any.  At the same time, take care to reduce bragging of any sort and give everything in black and white.


A brief history of your company and establishment would be of great help. If you have a degree or qualification that may complement your website including it would be of great help to increase traffic. Feel free to express your policies and objective. This may give an insight of how sincere you are.

Vision and Mission

This is where you can make a difference from your peers and competitors in the market. Give the genuine reason as to why you have entered this field in business. What made you think the business would suit you and how you think you are the best choice to your clients and buyers.

If you give a clear and true About Us page, you can surely lure your prospective clients, and they may have confidence in you before actually choosing your services. Make sure that you project your group or the company as a transparent and sensitive one. Well, people want to do business with a company they can depend on.


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